E. First Grand Principal

The Supreme Grand Chapter of Spain of the Holy Royal Arch Masons of Jerusalem has completely revamped its website with the aim of presenting its main distinctive features together with the basic values ​​of the Order. It also includes, in its presentational restructure, the essential areas of the S.G.C.E., innovation, responsibility and standing in the world.

The new website has been conceived as a platform to propagate this Supreme Grand Chapter of Spain, to provide value, efficiency, principles, freedom of expression, respect and brotherly love.

The new website represents something more than just a simple cleaning of the image, of re-styling: it reflects a renewed effort for continuous improvement for Companions, Freemasons and the public in general, which will undoubtedly contribute to reinforcing those existing links. At the same time, it is a key media tool for Chapters, Companions and Freemasons who wish to expand available information on the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem. This improvement of our website is part of the process of renewal and identity of 300 years of speculative freemasonry.

In short, it is a new public information space that is much more agile and versatile, which is clearly committed to the image and the use of multimedia. With the new website, the S.G.C.E. also wants to promote the dissemination of its contents through the different digital media channels open on social networks: Twitter or Facebook accounts of the S.G.C.E. or the intranet that will be undertaken in a second phase.

My welcome address to this section is open to all, and I encourage you to work on the construction of this site where you are free to contribute through research, events and news which will undoubtedly help to bring us closer as Freemasons within our own Order.



E. Comp. Tema Oleada Zalvidea

E. First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter os Spain




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