It is recognised by all the Supreme Grand Chapters throughout the world, being the only Royal Arch organisation in Spain representing the interests of all regular Companions in the country.

Therefore, it is the Masonic body that maintains bonds of friendship and mutual recognition with all Supreme Grand Chapters around the world.


Great Principals


At the meeting on June 11 of this year 2022, which will be held in Malaga, the Annual investiture of the Principals of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Spain of the Masons of the Royal Arch of Jerusalem will take place.

The M.E. First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Spain in the M.E.C. Txema Oleaga Zalvidea, and will appoint and invest the MM. EE. CC.:

M. E.  Comp. Barrie Mansell as Very Excellent Deputy First Grand Principal.

M. Excellent Second Grand Principal M.E. Comp. Javier Escalada Gomez.

And as your Most Excellent Third Grand Principal to M.E. Comp. Christopher Langley Kirke.

Likewise, the M.E. First Principal, the M.E.Z. Txema Oleaga Zalvidea, will name and invest all the active and past Grand Officials, in a ceremony that is expected to be very emotional and of great brilliance. 

  • M.E. Comp. Txema Oleaga Zalvidea

    Muy Excelente Primer Gran Principal


  • M.E. Comp. Barrie Mansell

    Muy Excelente Diputado Primer Gran Principal


  • M.E. Comp. Javier Escalada Gomez

    Muy Excelente Segundo Gran Principal


  • M.E. Comp. Christopher Langley Kirke

    Muy Excelente Tercer Gran Principal 


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