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Welcome to Supreme Grand Chapter of the Holy Royal Arch Masons of Spain

The mission of Jerusalem Royal Arch Masonry is to teach and perpetuate a lifestyle that promotes brotherhood, self-improvement through education, high moral standards, charitable action, and community involvement, among others.

Masonic Principles

  • Philanthropic


    Concept used in a positive way to refer to the help that is offered to others without requiring something in return.
  • Charity


    Disposition that a person presents and that leads him to do and promote good among his environment and also for others.
  • Values


    Freemasonry is a universal institution, fundamentally initiatory, destined to work for the common good and freedom.
  • Fraternal Love

    Fraternal Love

    Freemasonry is an essentially fraternal institution and a school of spiritual improvement for extension to society.
  • Freedom of Expression

    Freedom of Expression

    Thought, reflection and the respectful confrontation of ideas through knowledge will allow the transformation to a fairer and freer society.
  • Respect


    Respect for opinions and beliefs constitutes the permanent center of fraternal union and harmony among all men.

Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!

Basic Principles of Freemasonry


Any questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or need additional information.

The word progress has no meaning.

while sad children remain.

Every day we know more.

but understand less.

Try not to become a successful man.

but to become a worthy man instead.

If you are looking for different results.

don't keep doing the same thing.



To be a Principal, you must have an indomitable disposition to relentlessly fight vice, corruption, crime, easy profit, and personal ambitions. May he always be found at the side of the sick and those abandoned by justice. May he respect others, regardless of colour, social position, creed or political persuasion. That he be respectful to, and preserve both nature and wildlife.

To be a Principal, he must be protective and supportive of the Companions, being a safe repository of their weaknesses, but exalting them for their peculiar virtues. He needs to be a lover of the customs and rituals, fighting dogmatism, intolerance, fanaticism, superstitions, Masonic errors and inventions.

To be a Principal, one does not need to have high status, but to erase vanities. May it be a bridge of union between the Chapters, the Companions and the Profane, may it never be a vehicle for discord. He may have been deceived, but he can never deceive himself. He must know how to forgive and know how to ask for forgiveness.

To be a Principal, one does not need to be financially well-off, but he cannot be spiritually poor. He needs to be pure in sentiment and follow the principles and ideals of Freemasonry in his everyday life. He should welcome and assist Visiting Companions and make them feel as at home in the Chapter as they would in their own.

To be a Principal, you do not value extravagance. You must prefer responsibility, over rank and fortune, that he carry out with abstinence and fidelity all the responsibilities of such a noble office. That at the end of his mandate he prefers to be the Outer Guard over Past Principal. He can be elected for the first time and if re-elected, not wanting to perpetuate in power.

To be a Principal, one must like to be called a Companion and really feel in your heart all the vibrations and fullness of what it means to be a true Companion.

To be a Principal, let him not live a prisoner of the legends and stories of Masonry of the past, rather than write the most beautiful folio of Masonry of the present.

To be a Principal, is one who embraces, who smiles, who cries or wipes our tears, so that we have the inevitable certainty that Masonry is really, the immaculate Jacob's Ladder, that elevates man from that Rough Ashlar to the presence of the universal cosmic mind.


Multimedia Corner

Mozart - La Flauta Mágica [Subtítulos Español]
Entrevista a Óscar de Alfonso
3er. centenario Masonería 1817-2017
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Preámbulo Constitución G.L.E.

Preámbulo Constitución G.L.E.

Written byIsaac G.
on 15 May 2016


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